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Make opencocon build environment [OBSOLATED]

Caution : OBSOLETED document, need to rewrite..

Currently, opencocon is based OpenEmbedded toolchain and 2011.03-maintenance source branch, and applied some opencocon-local patch.

Almost installation of opencocon is same as OpenEmbedded.
First, check Required software and OEandYourDistro, these setting is need to build opencocon.
Additional notice for Debian users, It is require en_US.UTF8 locale setting when compile uClibc, please check selected en_US.UTF-8 in this command (as root)
# dpkg-reconfigure locales

Download OE+opencocon tree. Currently not located in git tree, Download from FTP Site.
For example, v2 tree is here(oetree-cocon-20120315.tar.bz2 (250MB)).

and Download opencocon-local configuration files such as local.conf and After download, please edit your openembedded located path in

Build cross compiler first:
$ bitbake gcc-cross-initial

And make tarball image:

$ bitbake opencocon-image

Also make Initramfs image for CD-image

$ bitbake initramfs-opencocon-image

After build, opencocon binary tarball-image is located in (work directory)/tmp/deploy/image