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About OpenCocon

OpenCocon is smaller-footprint GNU/Linux distribution optimized for Thin-client purpose. It is useful to re-use old computer, because response speed is faster than standalone use.

Unique feature of OpenCocon:

  • No desktop environment : All desktop environment from host computer
  • No user save-able area
  • Support some 90′ PCs (Windows 9x generation), and In particular, support the mania favorite PCs (Toshiba Libretto, Sony PCG-C1, …)
  • Supports some Thin-client Protocols: XDMCP, RDP, VNC, SPICE, X2go


OpenCocon history begins research project, Damien400 from 2008. It tried minimum case of thin client environment and check compatibility. After a year, Changed base-distribution from Slackware to OpenEmbedded and released OpenCocon.